JOINING WORDS – Literature and Citizenship project for Europe

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JOINING WORDS – Literature and Citizenship project for Europe

Voici le projet tel qu’il a été écrit et publié par sa fondatrice Anna Cavallo.

Voici nos réalisations.

….Phase 1…

Fait avec Padlet

….Phase 2…

We present Charles Baudelaire.

His name is Charles, he was born on 9 April 1821 in Hautefeuille street in Paris.

Baudelaire is a French XIXth century very famous poet.

He was a very bad student : good marks are not everything in life 😉

Baudelaire lived in opposition to bourgeois values

He expressed his melancholy.

He translated Edgar Alan Poe’s short stories.

He wrote “Les Fleurs du Mal” in 1857, where the “Le Cygne” is.

He is attacked in justice because of « The Fleurs du Mal » : his poetry was subversive at the time.

He had a stroke in 1866 : He was very sick : he had no money and he could’nt move or speack.

He died in Paris on August 31st 1867 at the age of 46.

We present his poem « Le Cygne » (in english « the swan ») :

Baudelaire drew a parallel between Paris and Troy and between the new Troy and the new Paris, in reference to the mythology, to the myth of Troy…

Baudelaire drew a parallel between the swan and himself : both are lost in a new space.

Andromaque is Hector’s widow : she’s exiled after the Troy war and must get married with Pyrrhus – Achille’s son -, then with the Troyan prince Helenus, after Pyrrhus’ death. Baudelaire used his memories of latin verses of Virgile’s “Aeneid”.

Romulus and Remus are another example ; they are the orphaned children who were fed by a she-wolf.

Baudelaire thought of Victor Hugo too ; this great writer and politician was exiled in Guernesey island because of Napoleon III.

Baudelaire also quoted the latin poet Ovid.

….Phase 3…